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What can I do to stop feeling depressed?

Question by Mindy5000: What can I do to stop feeling depressed?
I’m 17 and pretty sure I have depression. I’ve been recovering from an eating disorder for about 8 months and I’m physically stable, just as I gradually stop thinking about food and step away from the whole anorexic midset, I get more and more depressed. I hate myself, don’t sleep, isolated from all my old friends, and have thought about suicide. My parents are very against meds. I see a shrink but he’s against meds too and I haven’t gotten anywhere with him in 8 months of psychotherapy.

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Answer by friendshiponfire555
Here are the symptoms:

For major depression, you may experience five or more of the following for at least a two-week period:

* Persistent sadness, pessimism
* Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness or hopelessness
* Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
* Difficulty concentrating and complaints of poor memory
* Worsening of co-existing chronic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes
* Insomnia or oversleeping
* Weight gain or loss
* Fatigue, lack of energy
* Anxiety, agitation, irritability
* Thoughts of suicide or death
* Slow speech; slow movements
* Headache, stomachache, and digestive problems

I recommend reading;

The Prozac Alternative:
Natural Relief from Depression With St. John’s Wort, Kava, Ginkgo, 5-Htp, Homeopathy, and Other Alternative Therapies

by Ran Knishinsky

The Prozac Alternative

The first guide to consider a range of herbs and alternative therapies for depression.

A comprehensive guide to the use of St. John’s wort and other alternative therapies for treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

* Offers a comprehensive look at St. John’s wort–the most significant * natural remedy for depression–including its history in herbalism, * current clinical uses, safety, and side effects.
* Discusses other natural alternatives such as Kava, Melatonin, and * 5-HTP as treatment options to depression.

In the early 1990’s the sale of Prozac exceeded the sale of all other antidepressant drugs in both American and world markets. But today St. John’s wort is recommended 3 to 1 over Prozac as a primary treatment for depression in European countries such as Germany – and its sales continue to skyrocket in the United States. Safe, all-natural, and less expensive than synthetic drugs, St. John’s wort is the ideal natural therapy for many people’s depression, anxiety, and other related mood disorders.

The Prozac Alternative offers a comprehensive look at St. John’s Wort, including its history in herbalism, current clinical uses, and safety and side effects, as well as how it compares with other natural alternatives such as Kava, Melatonin, and 5-HTP. It also discusses other uses of these natural substances as treatment alternatives to Western medicine for a variety of medical conditions.

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