The Science of Self-Love Book Summary and Review

The Science of Self-Love: Book’s Summary and Review

In this inspirational and transformational book – the first of its kind – bestselling author David Hamilton fuses science with self-help to offer simple yet powerful strategies for learning to love yourself.

The Science of Self-Love

I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love Kindle Edition science of self-love

Not the narcissistic ‘Aren’t I wonderful’ kind of love, but the essential regard for self that empowers you and helps you navigate through life.

The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self.

When scientist David Hamilton realized that his own lack of self-love was sabotaging him in hundreds of subtle ways and more than a handful of major ways, he devised an experiment using himself as the guinea pig.

For more than a year David studied the latest research into brain chemistry, neuroscience, and psychotherapeutic and personal development techniques.

He realized that self-love was as much about biology as psychology – that self-worth is in our genes, but trained out of us.

The biological drive to seek connection with others often leads us to try to be ‘someone else’ to win love and approval.

But the brain can be reprogrammed, and David devised 27 powerful exercises that he tested on himself and presents in the book to help you:

  • Increase your own level of self-worth
  • Connect powerfully with your authentic self
  • Attain a greater sense of happiness and general wellbeing
  • Create stronger and more real connections with others

The Science of Self-Love Review

Throughout I Heart Me, you will learn that loving yourself means more than feeling good about yourself or being kind to yourself.

It’s about being self-confident, being able to express yourself without fear, being unconcerned about whether you’re liked, and about living your own life, not someone else’s idea of what your life should be.

You will be touched by the profound wisdom held in the pages of this book, and inspired by the simple ways in which you can achieve significant breakthroughs in your own self-love journey.

You will also be guided through powerful transformation exercises that will leave you feeling better about yourself than you have ever felt before.

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Ultimately, you will learn not only how to love yourself but to actually wire this self-love into your brain with lasting effects, bringing you unprecedented happiness and peace.

The Science of Self-Love Video & Review

The Science of Self Love with David Hamilton

Personal power and self-love webinar with Dr David Hamilton and Becky Walsh

David Hamilton PhD is a scientist and bestselling author of several books. David will teach you the 3 levels of self-love and how self-love is actually in our genes but is often trained out of us.

You will also learn that self-love is as much biology as it is psychology and how you can actually reprogram your brain to essentially ?wire-in? a healthy sense of self-love.

When you love yourself the world opens up and you get to love others with the full power of your heart.

I heart me: The science of self-love by David R. Hamilton Phd

This book is mainly about self-love and self-esteem and I hope it helps us cultivate your inner beauty.

It’s written by David R. Hamilton PhD and the title is “I heart me: the science of self-love”.

The aim of this book is to help have a better understanding on self-love, self-esteem and try to answer questions such as

  • “How do I learn to love myself?”,
  • “How to be compassionate and forgiving towards myself?”,
  • “How to be happy with myself?”
  • and many more.

It’s a really helpful and pragmatic book that will help you gain more confidence, self-love and self-esteem but will also teach you more about the science behind our emotions.

Get the Book here: The science of self-love