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Is it Time to Start Brushing Your Tongue?

Is it Time to Start Brushing Your Tongue?

It’s common knowledge that in order to keep a good healthy smile you need to brush your teeth on a regular basis. There is no debating whether or not the act of brushing your teeth with tooth brush will help keep your teeth clean and sparkling, but what else can you do to keep your mouth clean and healthy? Here we look into the tongue brush and why you might want to get one immediately.

Bacteria can form on your tongue and can cause bad breath, but that’s not all, it can also come from other sources such as the air your breath, food you eat and when they decay, they sit on your tongue and can cause a myriad of other issues as well. There are over 500 different sources of bacteria that can infect your tongue and if you aren’t brushing them they can cause your breath to stink or can lead to other types of health issues.

Picking out a tongue brush is important, because there are a lot of different styles to choose from. Tongue brushes, scrapers and cleaners, plus you have the material such as metal, plastic, etc, and then the contour and shape and size also can differ a lot.

The same when you buy your tooth brush you want to make sure you are making a good choice. That’s why I recommend getting a recommendation from a dentist or oral hygienist or possibly going through a few different tongue brush choices before you have a good understanding of how they work and then settle on one that works best for you.

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