Discover your inner self and soul

Self refers to our consciousness that guides our actions. That is to say, that the way our conscious mind reacts to the various situations of life all depends on our inner self.

The soul that lies within each one of us is the essence of exploration of our hidden inner self. The soul is believed to possess our true selves. So, to explore our inner-self, we first need to know our soul to establish a connection between the two. Each individual has his own true self that is developed with the passage of time and experience of an individual. And as every human being has their unique experiences, their inner self is also distinguished from one another. Most of the people are of the opinion that the soul is nothing but the unification with one’s own sense of identity. Thus, soul is thought to be eternal and the one that exists even before the actual manifestation of the flesh. It is this soul or inner self that leads our way to self-exploration by establishing a link with the conscious self.

There are various ways of this discovery of the hidden self. For this, an individual first needs to scrutinize well his behaviors, actions, strengths and weaknesses. This analysis of oneself will make him improve on his strengths and lessen the weaknesses. This betterment of the self contributes further in his self-development. We all have an inner guide that refrain us the pleasure of inner satisfaction if we have any fears existing at the back of our mind. So until and unless, we are guilt free of not doing anything wrong and giving our best to everything that we do, even a failure would not be able to deter us from the achieving our goals. Therefore, we can say that this inner guide is a kind of guard that forces our way back from the misleading path to the correct path by making us aware of our mistakes and feeling bad about them. It also makes sure that we put in our efforts to mend the wrong deeds that we have committed earlier, as much as possible. The inner guide also abstain us from repeating our mistakes in future thereby leading us to discover and develop our inner self in a better way.

There are various other methods that aids in the procedure of self-exploration. Meditation, chiropractic, yoga, tree essences, aromatherapy, healing by colors, naturopathy and long walks to name a few. All these are the methods that aids in fighting the degradation of the soul and thereby replenishing it. Yoga and meditation leads a man to the realization of his higher self.

This realization tranquil the mind of an individual and attain harmony. In other words, we can also say that it enables a man to forge a connection between his individual self and the universal self, which makes him think above the materialistic understanding of the world. Enhancement of his inner self brings him closer to the spiritual values of life and makes him a more ethical person. He develops an optimistic attitude towards life and averts the negative feelings like jealousy and covetousness from his mind. It increases his concentration and focus on what he aspires to be. The individual who has discovered his inner self becomes more inclined to the works that involve voluntary service of the humankind and serves people.

Hence, we can derive from the above-mentioned points that self-exploration enables an individual to strike the correct balance between his body, mind and soul. Practices like meditation and yoga play an important role in this exploration. This not only gives a surety of a peaceful mind, but also confirms a healthy body.