The 10 Best Tongue Cleaners _ Benefits, How To Use & Review

The 10 Best Tongue Cleaners : Benefits, How To Use & Review

It is recommended to use a tongue cleaner to get rid of the buildup of plaque and bacteria on your tongue.

After brushing your teeth plaque and bacteria are left behind on your tongue, the tongue cleaners will get rid of the excess bacteria and plaque giving you a cleaner and better smelling mouth.

Here our Selection for The Best 10 Tongues Cleaners Review

What’s a Tongues Cleaners ?

“A tongue cleaner (also called a tongue scraper or tongue brush) is an oral hygiene device designed to clean the coating on the upper surface of the tongue.

While there is tentative benefit from the use of a tongue cleaner it is insufficient to draw clear conclusions regarding bad breath.

A 2006 Cochrane review found tentative evidence of decreased levels of odor molecules.” (source: Wikipedia)

Benefits of Tongue Cleaners

Tongue Cleaning is proven to be the #1 method for giving you fresh breath

90% of Bad Breath Comes From a Dirty Tongue. Clean Yours

The Orabrush Tongue Cleaner fights bad breath like no other tongue scraping solution.

Designed after a surgeon?s scrub brush, the bristles loosen stinky bacteria that cause bad breath.

The built-in tongue scraper collects and removes bacteria and residue generated from brushing with Orabrush.

Think Your Toothbrush Does the Job? Think Again

Toothbrush bristles are packed together in tight bunches to sweep the smooth surface of your teeth.

That?s great for teeth, but not for tongues. A toothbrush will not clean down into the crevices of your tongue where stinky gunk hides.

This means you are leaving bad breath-causing bacteria on your tongue that could be removed with Orabrush.

How to use Tongue Cleaners ?

Here Steps by Step how to use Tongues cleaners:

  1. After flossing and brushing, rinse The Tongue Cleaner with fresh water.
  2. Extend your tongue fully.
  3. Place The Tongue Cleaner at the back of your tongue and pull forward while pushing down GENTLY.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
  5. When finished, rinse thoroughly with warm water and keep clean for optimum oral hygiene.

How To Clean your Tongues Cleaners ?

To clean, hold the head of the Tongue cleaner under a stream of running water and store it in an area that will allow the bristles to air dry.

Replace your Tongue Cleaner every 3-4 months to ensure you continue to fight bad breath.

The 10 Best Tongue Cleaners with Features & Review

The best 10 bad breath eliminator on the market. This is a must-have tool in your treatment of halitosis.

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