Amazing Tips For Healthy Teeth

Amazing Tips For Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth: Dental treatments are among the most expensive in modern era.

These simple tips will ensure that you save your valuable time, money and energy from combating dental problems.

If you are already suffering from dental ailments, these can help you reverse the same. These age-old proven tips from India can put the best of dentists in awe. Follow it for a few weeks to test yourself.

Please note that some of these tips also relate to general health. So once you start following them, you will also find difference in overall health apart from stronger teeth.

Amazing Tips For Healthy Teeth

Amazing Tips For Healthy Teeth

1. Drink lots of water. At least 2 liters are recommended unless you have any medical constraints.

2. Avoid chilled water. Water at near body temperature is best for Healthy Teeth.

3. Do not consume frozen food or cold fluids immediately after hot food. It is better to avoid them all together. Lesser the better.

4. Do not swallow food. Chew it until is becomes a paste. Eat in a slow relaxed manner enjoying the taste and chewing thoroughly before swallowing.

5. Do not gulp water or other fluids. Rinse each sip gradually in mouth and then slowly sip in.

6. Ensure that mouth is tightly closed and jaws tightly clenched while urination or excretion. This single practice can bring wonders to your teeth health.

7. Wash your mouth after every meal. The right method of washing is to use your index or middle finger to massage the teeth and clear any remnants of food in mouth.

8. Avoid consumption of soft or rubbery foods like chocolates, pizza, chewing gum etc. Some claim that chewing gum helps exercise gum and strengthen teeth. I am not sure how good is the long-term impact of the artificial sweeteners and chemical present in them. The next point lists a better and sure-shot method for strong teeth.

9. Develop a habit of cleaning your teeth and gum with tongue every now and them. Imagine as if the tongue is a broom and your mouth is the room. This habit is sufficient enough to ensure that you never have to visit the dentist ever in life!

10. Needless to say, cleaning of teeth twice a day is a must. At least once a day is inexcusable.

11. The best way to clean teeth is by using any fine Ayurvedic tooth powder. Most tooth-pastes are marketing gimmicks focusing more on flavor and color than dental health.

Use tooth powder and use your index or middle finger for cleaning teeth. No toothbrush can match the maneuverability and effectiveness of finger. Make sure you have a habit of cleaning your hands regularly with soap.

The procedure is as follows (for a right-handed person): put some tooth powder on left palm. Slightly wet your right index or middle finger. Now touch this finger over the tooth powder on left hand. The powder will stick to the finger.

Put it in mouth and use it as a tooth brush. Do focus on massaging the jaws. Repeat it until the tooth powder on left hands is over. Keep the powder in mouth for few minutes. You can wash your hands and finish off other tasks meanwhile. Then clean your healthy teeth with plain water as usual.

12. The rock salt formula is extremely effective. You can do it in night, at least once in 2 days. If you have time, you can do it in morning or night and follow it up with normal tooth powder cleaning. Read about this formula on my blog page. This formula is more effective than all the other methods known for maintaining strong healthy teeth.

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13. Ensure that the first thing you do after waking up in morning is to rinse your mouth and consume at least a liter of lukewarm water slowly. Resist the urge for urination or excretion until you complete this.

14. Avoid dental-cleaning and whitening treatments. Try the tips in this article for few weeks before deciding for tooth removal. Many dentists are more than eager to suggest tooth removal as if tooth were designed to be removed! But the Indian view is that healthy teeth should last longer than life!