The Most 5 Common Cause of Hair Loss in Men

Image is one very important thing to men. Be it in business or in relationship, the image of a person plays an extremely important role.

Men may not be very peculiar about look or image, but when it comes to hair loss, it is one big concern to almost every men.

The Issue of Hair Loss for Men

Hair loss is a very popular condition that affects a lot of men, especially those in their 30s and 40s.

It can be a headache when you try so many methods for hair loss treatment but cannot seem to solve the problem.

Before we tackle the problem, let us look at the cause of hair loss in men, and by understanding the root cause, perhaps we can pinpoint and find a better solution to your hair loss problem.

The Most 5 Common Cause of Hair Loss in Men

1- Cause of Man’s Hair Loss Genes

Our genes not only determine the shape, color, thickness, density, and rate of growth of our hair, it can also some congenital types of baldness at birth or structural abnormalities of hair that is inherited from the parents.

As this kind of hair loss is determined by the genes, it is hard to spot the root cause of the problem, and may be permanent.

2- Cause of Man’s Hair Loss Races

Some race is having a higher chance of developing hair loss.

  • Caucasian men are more prone and may even develop very severe form of male pattern baldness.
  • Blacks and Asian men are less prone to hair loss.

3- Cause of Man’s Hair Loss Ages

When men reach puberty age, the number of hair follicles starts to decrease over time.

  • When one is around 20 to 30 of age, there are about 615 follicles per square centimeter on his scalp.
  • By age 30 to 50, this falls to 485.
  • And by 80 years old, this will fall to 435 per square centimeter.

Thinning of hair can be considered as part of ageing process.

4- Cause of Man’s Hair Loss Hormonal change

For men, hair loss can get worse due to unbalanced hormonal changes with age.

With age, one may produce excessive androgen, which can cause male pattern baldness.

This cause hair follicles shrink and eventually not able to produce new hair when old hair drop off.

5- Cause of Man’s Hair Loss Stress

Severe emotional stress can cause hair loss, and aggravate an existing hair loss problem.

Hence that is why a lot of thinkers and managers are bald as they are always under heavy stress from their work.

Serious stress problems can cause psychological illness such as depression. These may cause some people to pull their hair and causing hair breakage.

And for men, after a stressful day at work, one would indulge in smoking and drinking alcohol to relax. This may help one to relax and take away stress, but it can also worsen the hair loss problem.

In Conclusion

Hair loss might be inevitable for some people, but by pinpointing the root cause of hair loss, we can use the right hair loss treatment to delay or even stop further hair loss.